FAQ – Muse

What is Management Muse (Mm)?
Management Muse is a freelancing platform made to focus specifically on cross-pollinating organizations (Management) with new sources of inspiration (Muses) to influence and spark innovation. Our platform enables creative minds, including those with foundation and skills in liberal arts and humanities to connect with management in quest of fresh perspectives.

Who is a Management Muse (Mm)?
Innately creative, he or she is a source of inspiration and fresh perspective that influences management thinking deeply and innovative.

“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough,” he said. “It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.” – Steve Jobs, 2010

Characteristics of the Creatively Gifted

  1. Independent, anti‑authoritarian
  2. Divergent thinker
  3. Generally considered intelligent
  4. Open to new ideas
  5. Little tolerance for boredom
  6. Willing to undertake stimulating challenges, curious and inquisitive
  7. Self‑actualizer
  8. Aesthetically-inclined
  9. Above average use of brain functions located in the right hemisphere
  10. Strong imagery ability
  11. Abilities of synthesis; tasting color, seeing sound, hearing smells
  12. Generally unaffected by peer pressure
  13. Versatile and adaptable
  14. Score high on Torrance Tests of Creative Ability in the following areas:
  • fluency‑‑produce numerous ideas
  • flexibility‑‑produce variety of ideas and approaches
  • originality‑‑novel ideas
  • elaboration‑‑fill in details
  • redefinition‑‑define or perceive in way different from the average

What Does a Management Muse (Mm) Do?
Mm is a professional listener and observer.
Mm is someone who highlights your flaws, but have confidence that you will work on them and be your best.
Mm is someone who shows you and your team a different perspective you haven’t thought of, and make you think from another angle.
Mm brings into light your abilities and qualities.
Mm brings into light what already exists there, and what is empowering.
Mm is an inspiring talent.
Mm is someone who encourages you and your team to innovate.

Why should I use Management Muse?

New research on the topics of psychology, neuroscience and the relationship between science and humanities demonstrates the best way to approach big challenges is to cross-pollinate organizations with people from various creative capacity. For technology to be truly brilliant, it must be coupled with artistry.

“We tend to assume that experts are the creative geniuses in their own fields. But big breakthroughs often depend on the naive daring of outsiders. For prompting creativity, few things are as important as time devoted to cross-pollination with fields outside our areas of expertise.” – WSJ

“The empirical fact is that innovative organizations are desperate for sources of design differentiation. Why not a Muse? Why not an assiduously cultivated relationship with an individual or a sensibility that can really transform energy and perception? After all, executives hire coaches; why shouldn’t creative innovators budget time and resources for a Muse or two? To the extent that a business is creative, the role and impact of the muse might constitute “best practice.” There’s no reason why ad agencies, retailers or professional services firms shouldn’t “muse different.” – Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business

How does Management Muse work?

    Browse or search keywords or tags our community of creatives and influencers to find the inspiration energy you are looking for.
    Request a booking through the Management Muse’s profile for the desired length of time (starting with daily). Receive confirmation and book.
  • HIRE
    See Amazing Results! Bring fresh perspectives that spark innovation to your company. Rate, Comment, and/or Extend.

What industries do Management Muses come from?
Management Muses come from across every industry. From manufacturing to services, you can explore and connect with the desired creativity and vision you need to succeed.

What size company is Management Muse right for?
Management Muse suits companies of all sizes. Our directory lists Muses suitable for everything from small, mid, to corporate giants.

How do I sign up as a muse?
You can create a Muse (talent) account anytime by clicking on the [Sign up] button and complete a management muse profile.

How to hire a Management Muse?
As a Management (client), you search the directory, review profiles from suitable Management Muses, and select your top choice. When you are ready to move forward with a Management Muse, simply make an offer to he/she through the Management Muse platform (which sets out dates, daily rates, and other terms). Once the management muse accepts your offer, including any conversations between the two to fine tune things, you’re ready to engage your own Management Muse!

How much does it cost to secure a Management Muse?
Management Muses determine their preferred hourly rates. Most Management Muses depending on expertise charge between $45 and $250 per hour.

What is the process of being hired?
As a Management Muse, you may receive an offer from the management (client) through the Management Muse platform. Once you have accepted the offer, the client will be notified of your acceptance and they may decide to message you for further information (i.e. Location, the point of contact, starting time, etc) via the Management Muse messenger platform. You will be notified of either event occurring by email.

Once you have exchanged notes with the client, you simply show up at the job site.

I’ve received an offer. What do I do?
You should respond as quickly as possible with an overview of why you think you’d be a good match for the project, and why you’re interested in it. Make sure you answer any questions the client may have before accepting the offer.

How do I get paid?
You get paid through the Management Muse platform. Every management muse (talent) account has to have a PayPal Business account linked to it. The PayPal Business account can be linked to a credit card and or business checking account. You get paid at the time your services are booked by a management (client).

Management Muse’s service, facilitation and PayPal’s payment processing fee of 20% will be deducted from the total hourly rate.

How much does it cost to become a Management Muse?
It’s free to sign-up and use the Management Muse platform.

What if a client wants to re-engage me?
It’s very common for management (clients) to extend beyond the initial booking timeframe or to hire management muses back for ongoing work as muses are already familiar with their client’s business by this point.

Booking extensions can easily be managed on the Management Muse platform, allowing you to focus on the work rather than admin! It also makes sure you get the benefit of ratings and reviews on your Management Muse profile to help you win future work.

It’s also part of our agreed Terms and Conditions with you and our clients that any follow-on work must come through the Management Muse platform. Finding knowledgeable people, connecting them with clients, managing the back end (offerings, payments) and then making a small fee from it is our business model so we can continue to support you, our management Muses.

We reserve the right to an introduction fee to be paid by management (clients) to the amount of 15% of a muse’s annual salary (if a Muse is hired on a permanent basis) or the fees that muse has subsequently been paid for this ongoing work (whether on a casual or part-time or consultancy basis).

Am I qualified as a Management Muse?
Our consultants typically have several of the following characteristics:

  • Strong skills and experience in a functional area
  • Independent
  • Experience managing and delivering project work
  • Are successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives

They also:

  • Bring experience and wisdom working with businesses, big and small
  • Aren’t afraid to roll-up-their sleeves to help others
  • Know their passions

Can I search clients/projects?
Not at this stage. However, it may become available in future.

Do I need a PayPal account?
Yes, you need a PayPal Business account to get paid. A PayPal personal account will not work. You can either open a new PayPal Business account or upgrade your personal account to a business account.

Does Management Muse or the client provide any insurance cover?
Management Muse does not provide workers compensation coverage for muses (talents).

How do I delete my account?
Email [email protected] asking that your account to be deleted, and we’ll delete all information associated with your account.

Do Muses rate clients?
Yes. After each service is complete, users are asked to provide rate and comment on their experiences. Management Muse aggregates and anonymously shares feedback with Muses so they can improve. We always welcome feedback and suggestions and you can send it to us anytime at [email protected]

How to rate and review?
Users are prompted to rate and review the other party automatically after each paid transaction.

How do rates and reviews work?
After a transaction is completed, both Clients and Muses can rate and review each other. A review consists of:

A positive or negative rating (thumbs up or down).
A free-form text comment.

Can users skip the feedback process?
Yes, users can choose not to review the other party. However, they can’t refuse a review from the other party after a completed transaction.

Where do reviews appear?
Reviews are visible to everyone on each user’s profile page. A seller’s rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.

Can I enable reviews for free transactions?
Reviews are only available for paid transactions.

Is it possible to edit or delete reviews?
Currently, it is not possible to edit or delete reviews. If there is an issue with a review, you can contact support and we’ll be happy to help.