About Us

Are you prepared for the innovation economy?

Management Muse is an innovative freelancing platform created to enable Management to “cross-pollinate” with Liberal Arts and Humanities talents (Muses) to influence and spark innovation. Our platform enables naturally creative minds, including those with foundation and skills in liberal arts and humanities to connect with management in quest of fresh perspectives.

We have designed a service that has manifested itself into a new category of management consulting. An on-demand freelancing platform cross-pollinating leaders and organizations with inspiring talents, creative professionals and a pool of visionary influencers. Given the effect, we have now coined the term “Management Muse.”

Management can sign up to create a free account. Once signed up, you’ll be able to search and connect with inspiring creatives and influencers – Muses.

To become a professional Muse, simply sign up to create a free account. Build a profile [Become a Muse] to showcase your creative passions, strengths, and skills to management. Only Muse can post a Muse profile.

To get started, simply Sign Up to create a free account.